Sea Turtles


The Sea Turtle returns to the Mexican Caribbean/ Endangered Species

The Mexican coasts are among some of those privileged as home to the Sea Turtle, endangered species. From the Golf of Mexico and Caribbean to the Pacific coast can be found many different species of Sea Turtle including one of the largest in the world, the Laud Turtle and that which we know the least about. The Loggerhead, Carey, Green and White Turtle are magnificent creatures that have inhabited the planet Earth for millions of years. Today divers, ecologists, biologists and others interested in the environment are committed to helping conserve this magnificent creature which due to non-sustainable fishing practices and the trafficking of eggs and turtle shell is now endanger of extinction.



Each year from June to September different species of Sea Turtle return to the beaches of their births after having passed through a difficult process of survival. Only a very few turtles born each year will reach maturity and it is on these beaches that the life of this ancient and majestic animal begins.

The arrival of Sea Turtles to the Mexican Caribbean is an unmatched event. They normally come to the beach by night and to have the privilege to observe this natural wonder is indescribable. When the beaches are found totally calm and only by the light of the moon and the stars looking out to sea as an immense shadow approaches, the Sea Turtle! They start to climb up the sand until they leave behind the breaking of the waves and find a suitable spot to lay their eggs. After a long time of digging a hole they lay approximately 100 eggs; and so begins the spawning process. After all eggs have been laid the turtle covers the hole and returns to the ocean where it will travel to different reefs and parts of the sea. On the beach the eggs begin their period of maturation that lasts approximately 6o days. At this point the small turtles hatch and start to make their way out of the sand to begin the journey of their life against the many adversities and predators they will face at each step until they reach the sea where they will fight the survive, grow, and return themselves to the place that nature chose for them to be born and so continue their cycle of life.


Help us to conserve this species by maintaining the beaches clean and by not contributing to their killing or the sale of their eggs and meat.

Also when you visit the reefs whether to dive, snorkel, or just traveling by boat remember that if you only observe and don't touch this marvelous species will allow you to get to know it and you can share your experience with the world!

The government, individuals, ecologists and NGO's have implemented and are participating in programs to protect this species. For example the creation of National Marine Parks, the monitoring of beaches during spawning season. It is very important that we create a consciousness about this natural miracle that we still have the privilege to observe. So if you travel during the spawning season to these beach sites don't forget that you can enjoy the arrival of a huge turtle spawning or to a mountain of little turtles being born right in front of you!


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