The Art of Guiding a Dive

We Love Scuba Diving and one day some of us we love to become Dive Professionals, But with this comes a huge responsibility.

Be a dive guide (DiveMaster, Scuba Instructor) it is not just to be able to have the money to pay for the level of certification that makes you to the eyes of everybody that you are a Pro of Scuba Diving, you have to have this in your veins, you have to love it since you start diving or even before.

Become a dive profesional is not very difficult but some dive pros just do this to be able to travel and to make some money to survive, which is ok.

The art of guide is something that very few dive professionals have it. When some one that really do this because is there passion and they really love what they do, you will see the difference between some Dive Pro that just is a Pro, and someone that really love his profession.

Don´t make me wrong, with this i do not say that there is not a very good dive professionals because there are many very good Dive Professionals, but guiding a dive is an art, and you have to feel that, get the emotion like the first time when you scuba!!!

Everything starts with your professionalism, then your knowledge, and the love for the Ocean and this creatures. The image that you show it is very important, looking professional it's the first step, the briefing is very very important, you don't have to give a three hours speech to give a very good briefing, but you have to be able to touch the most important and cover all the info that is necessary to your customers, also you have to be able to observe situations before the dive during the dive and after.

During the dive a dive guide looks at you very often to make sure that your ok and try to should you as many things as he see it, try to share how amazing this underwater world it is, and why he love it with all his heart.

Making sure that you feel safe and very comfortable during the experience, maybe your first time or you been doing this for long time, the dive guide have to take care of you very well , and make your dive experience every time unique, and do whatever it takes to make you feel safe and have lots of fun.

We love to share every day the amazing and unique underwater world with every person that takes the chance to visit it, is a privilege to be able to do this every day and share it with people from all over the world, see how amazed they come out of the water, cause you still been amazed like the first time you dove.

Every dive gives you the opportunity to share and to help to preserve the underwater world, because when you show to the people how wonderful it is, the divers learn how important this world is for you and the start loving it and they share the same message as you to the world!!!

love and care our lovely reef!!!!

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