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10 Day Excursion

whale shark excursion

15 dives

DAY 1: Arrive to Cozumel, late afternoon briefing and Welcome. ​                 

DAY 2, 3, 4 and 5 : We begin the adventure  in the great unique and magic Cozumel reefs, will be 3 days of two tank dives , and one of three tank dives (day 2, 4, and 5 we will do two tanks, and day three we will do 3 tank dives) the huge coral reef formations of thousand of years are waiting for you to be discover from your own eyes!!

 DAY 6:  Transfer to Merida Yucatan we will arrive at the Hotel in Merida around 2 pm, we set it up rooms and we will have a short briefing for the next days, and we all have the free afternoon.

DAY 7, 8, and 9th: Be ready to explore the mystic mayan sacred and magical cenotes of fresh water of the Yucatan peninsula, we will dive 2 tanks every day, possible different Cenotes every dive, after the dives we will go to Mayan communities to join them and have lunch with them, to be able to get to know more about the mayan culture from the heart of the Real Mayans...

DAY 10: transfer to Cancun or Playa del Carmen depends of the season of the Excursion. (OPTIONAL)

If you do it during the Whale Shark season we will arrive to Cancun were we spend the night there, or if you do it during the Bull Shark  season we will spend the night in Playa del Carmen  (either one of those, we will do the whale shark excursion or the Bull shark diving the next day)  

NOTE: Day 11th is totally optional so if you want to add to your Excursion any of this two choices you have to do it at the moment you make your Excursion reservation.


(Whale Shark Excursion) we departure from the hotel in Cancun to Puerto Juarez where we will take a boat to go to swim with the whale sharks (snorkel) when we finish the encounter with this magnificent giant fish and interact in its natural environment we will move to Isla Mujeres were we will have some time to have lunch and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean. 

when we return to the Hotel we will have a good bye briefing, because our adventure is about to finish.

(Bull Shark Dive) We will go by boat to a 5 minutes ride to do a one tank dive with the king of the oceans, the Bull Sharks, we will be around 70 ft deep and we will be surrounded by this amazing creatures, normally all pregnant  females that get curios about the divers, this is a great experience!

when we return to the Hotel we will have a good bye briefing, because our adventure is about to finish.


Make your reservation now!! you can complete the information next to you, or you can contact us

+521 (987) 108 4346

thank you! we will get back to you a soon as possible!!

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